Technical Services

Technical Services

   Standard specifications to which CFI contributes/contributed

-         Fresh vegetable and fruit

-         Fruit juices

-         Milk and dairy products

-         Nutritional additives

-         Confectionery, and chocolate

-         Meat, fish, and poultry

-         Beverages and water

-         Pollutants

-         Labels, presentation, and advertisement of food products

-         Organic products


·        Addressing challenges faced by CFI members

·        Studies and reports

-         Analysis of the movement of local prices for a number of strategic commodities, starting from April 2009, and compare them with prices of similar international commodities;

-         Report on inter-commercial relations between Egypt and France;

-         Report on commercial relations between Egypt and Hungary;

-         Report on size of local production and consumption for a number of commodities in Egyptian market;

-         Egypt’s exports and imports from and to Syria in 2009;

-         Report on our food exports to Libya during January 2008-January 2011; and

-         Providing simple explanation of some international reports issued by international organizations and illustrating Egypt’s situation in these reports in terms of, among others, international competitiveness, international investment, trade empowerment


·        Establishing an account for “Egypt 4 Trade” Program on Twitter

·        CFI name appeared 430 times in different newspapers and satellite channels


·        ARAB – EU Business Facilitation Network


CFI, representative of FEI, participated in the proceedings of workshops entitled EU Facilitation Network, which were organized by DI in order to reach a Position Paper including:

1.      Barriers hindering an increased movement of Arab exports to European market and suggestion of solutions; and

2.      Barriers hindering the maximization of inter-commerce among the participating countries and presentation of recommended solutions.


40 Recommendations were made in the following areas:

I: Arab-European agriculture trade

II: Improving border clearance procedures

III: Conformity of specifications

IV: Improving Companies’ technical knowledge of exportation

These recommendations were stated in DI annual report issued in December 2011