It Provides CFI members who paid required subscription fees with studies at low prices (upon presentation of CFI membership certificate which proves the payment of CFI annual subscription fees to Nielsen). Nielsen is an international institution that is known for its experience in market studies.

Nielsen contact details

Tel: (+202) 24178207

Fax: (+202) 24152828

Address: 8 Abdel Salam Zaki St, Heliopolis, Cairo





Central Laboratory for residue


QCAP lab for analysis of pesticides and heavy metals in food is affiliated to Ministry of Agriculture’s Agricultural Research Center.

CFI members who paid their subscription fees can have access to the state-of-the-art equipment and latest internationally certified analytical methods at low prices (upon presenting their CFI membership certificates proving the payment of CFI annual subscription fees to QCAP)


Tel: (+202) 37611355// (+202) 37611106

Fax: (+202) 37611106// (+202) 376111216




Egypt Air


CFI members who paid all their dues are entitled to a discount. Such discounts include travel tickets of different classes and air freight (inland and abroad). To benefit from this protocol, the company must have membership in CFI and prove the payment of all CFI dues through filling in the application 



Thomas Cook

CFI members who paid all their dues are entitled to a discount. Such discounts include Airline tickets, hotels, tourism.



A medical care program offered for CFI, staff, members, and their families.



Information sharing


Periodic meetings comprising representatives from both sides are held to maximize the benefit of such meetings and develop food processing in Egypt.


Develop future plans for meeting the food processing sector needs (i.e. vegetable and fruit to be processed) in a way that serves interests of both parties.


Set a clear vision through which the circulation chain can be developed, with finding a solution for the poor links of such chain, particularly with regards to olive and tomato.


Joint representation in first party's delegation before authorities concerned with agricultural manufacturing, especially the AMITOM.


SGS labs

SGS offers a 30% discount on declared prices to CFI members who paid subscription fees (upon presenting CFI letter proving the payment of annual subscription fees to SGS labs).


SGS Group Egypt is one of the world's largest labs affiliated to the SGS International Group and is locally accredited by the Egyptian Accreditation Council "EGAC" and the United Kingdom Accreditation Service "UKAS".


AUC Administrative Center

It provides CFI members with educational and training programs at special prices.

Sharing information about industry requirements to ensure sustainable development of offered educational programs.

Allow AUC diploma and postgraduate students to carry out practical studies inside food factories.

Hold joint seminars and workshops.

Enable CFI members to participate in "Job Expo" job fairs held by AUC, in a manner that serves both job seekers and the industry




It provides credit facilitates to CFI members who run small and medium sized enterprises through presenting the following documents:

·        A request for facilities, with stating the required amount, purpose of facilities, payment source, and an authorization for inquiring about the company and partners. Parties involved should also be mentioned.

·        A copy of the company's contract as well as its amendments, summaries, publication in official gazette/ investment prospectus, recent original extract from the commercial register, other records and licenses, a copy of taxation card, copy of partners' national IDs (BoD members).

·        Operation license, activity practice license, and curriculum vitae of BoD members and acting partners

·        Company's financial statements (balance sheet, income statement, cash flow statement, … etc) for the last three years in addition to auditor's report, explanatory notes, statement of company's machinery and equipment, statement of suppliers, clients and competitors, statement of properties, statement of executed operations, and certificates of experience.

·        Insurance and tax status certificate approved by company's legal accountant (statement of tax dues and payments from competent tax authority, last social insurance voucher)

·        Protesto and bankruptcy certificates from competent court according to legal terms.

In case of applying for long-term credit facilities, the project's economic feasibility study should be sent to us along with its expected cash flows during the loan period. Such study should be approved by a technical authority accredited by the Central Bank of Egypt.


The National Bank of Egypt


Available lines and programs credit:

§  African Development Bank line

§  Facilitated Italian loan

§  French Development Agency loan

§  National Bank of Egypt program for funding small industrial enterprises

§  Social Fund for Development

§  Industrial Pollution Control Project

§  Environmental Compliance Convention

§  Agricultural Research Fund

§  Veterinary Services Program

§  Arab Trade Convention



Environmental Compliance Office -ECO

·       Offering facilitated loans (with 2.5% annual interest) to contribute to transforming manual production phases in the various food industries to automatic or half-automatic production within the frame of cleaner production system to reduce losses and stop developing environment-polluting products.