To be a world class organization, playing the key role in promoting the global competitiveness of Egyptian processed food and beverage, with Egyptian brand names recognized for their superior quality by consumers in Egypt and around the globe.




r of Food Industries (CFI) is committed to the development of Egyptian food & beverage companies and is dedicated to strengthening theimage of the Egyptian food industry domestically and globally.

We represent our member’s interest in policy dialogue with the GOE in order to improve the business environment and help create investment & export opportunities.



Goal:1 Strengthening CFI Institutional Capacity

Goal: 2 Services to Improve CFI Members’ International Market Competitiveness and Business Operations

Goal: 3 Improve Access to Technologies and Promote Food Quality Standards

Goal: 4 Improve Egypt’s Processed Foods Industry Reputation and Image

Goal: 5 Foster CFI’s Financial Sustainability

Goal: 6 Represent Members’ Interest before Government Decision Makers

Core Values

1.    We are responsive to the needs of our members and stakeholders.

2.    We pride ourselves on developing and delivering the highest quality programs and services.

3.    We strive for integrity, transparency and accountability in our actions.

4.    We embrace open, honest and effective communication.

5.    We are fiscally responsible to members and financial stakeholders.

6.    We value the essential contributions of staff and volunteers.

7.    We embrace change and pursue excellence in our actions.

8.    We strive to improve the business climate in order to help our members private business grow.

9.    We ensure that decisions reached are supported by solid analysis.

CFI Sectors

1.    Sugar, Confectionery & Chocolate

2.    Milk & Dairy Products

3.    Juices, Drinks and Water

4.    Meats & Poultries & Fish

— Poultries            — Fish

5.     Fruits & Vegetables

— Olives & Olive Oil   — Tomato   —Frozen F & V — Fresh Producer

6.    Oil and Vegetable fats

7.    Specialty Foods, yeast and Food Additives

— Herbs & Spices

8.    Different Food Products

9.    Tobacco & Cigarettes